On April 3, 2023, N.J. Admin. Code § 13:1-8.1 was amended by rule change 55 N.J.R. 602(b), which established a mandatory pre-academy physical fitness assessment for police recruits. This new rule requires new recruits to successfully pass the pre-academy fitness assessment before the recruit can attend the academy.

The Premier Law Enforcement Training New Jersey PTC Physical Fitness Assessment Prep for Law Enforcement course is designed to prepare police recruits and future applicants to successfully complete the newly mandated pre-academy PT assessment. This 12-hours course will be offered as one (8) hour day followed by a (4) hour follow-up class approximately three weeks after the initial class.

Highlights of the course are as follows:

  • Orientation discussing the importance of maintaining physical fitness throughout a career in law enforcement.
  • Overview of ailments and injuries that are more prevalent in police officers in comparison to other occupations and their link to poor physical fitness.
  • Overview of the PTC pre-academy PT assessment, including test administration, proper techniques, required minimums, etc.
  • Optional individual student pre-assessments to provide students with a benchmark of personal performance and preparedness.
  • Extensive instruction on appropriate physical training techniques and fitness planning to enable students to adequately prepare and correct deficiencies on each individual event.
  • Overview on developing and practicing sound nutritional habits to aid in peak physical performance.