May 8, 2024 0830-1600


Ocean County Police Academy: 659 Ocean Ave Lakewood, NJ

Course Highlights:

  • Designed for law enforcement officers to better help identify, assist, de-escalate and minimize the opportunity for use of force situations when dealing with individuals in crisis or who live with mental illness
  • This course will provide an overview of common mental illnesses our officers on mental health calls and their identifiers
  • We will examine and identify the civil and criminal liability areas we face
  • Discuss successful techniques that can be implemented by law enforcement to avoid conflict and decrease the chances of escalating the encounter.
  • Identify mental health and substance abuse community services available at the state and local levels in New Jersey that officers have at their disposal to assist those in crisis.
  • Discuss when a person in crisis poses an immediate and present danger to themselves
  • Examine the issues with owning/possessing firearms and filing for a TERPO.
  • Additional topics covered include interaction with the criminal justice system and the mental health care system, criminal complaints and jail diversion program options, transporting practices for those in crisis.