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  • 2-day course (16 hours) Dates: June 6, 2024-June 7, 2024 0830-1630hrs Location: Ocean County Police Academy 659 Ocean Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08707 Course Highlights:
    • Instructed by current law enforcement executives
    • Examine Essential Leadership and Supervision Theories
    • Assessment Center Practical Scenarios designed to force students to address subordinates’ poor performance and/or disciplinary issues
    • Teaches students how to have difficult discussions with subordinates
  • 1-Day Course (8 hours) Date: October 4, 2024 8:30am-4:00pm Location: Burlington Township Police Department 851 Old York Road, Burlington, NJ 08016   COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: -Ideal for Patrol Officers and Supervisors! -Handouts provided with easy-to-understand highlights of relevant guidelines. -Up-to-date and comprehensive overviews provided. -Instructed by current law enforcement executives with real world experience navigating these critical guidelines and directives. COURSE SUMMARY: This course will cover a comprehensive review and breakdown of the New Jersey Attorney General Law Enforcement Guidelines and Directives, with a special emphasis on those most commonly encountered during patrol operations. Students will receive useful and up to date information that will deepen their understanding of these incredibly important resources.
  • 1-Day Course (8 hours) Date: December 16, 2024 8:30am-4:00pm Location: Burlington Township Police Department 851 Old York Road, Burlington, NJ 08016 COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: -Ideal for Records Clerks, Supervisors, or Managers of OPRA. -Review of students’ current knowledge and understanding of OPRA. -Identify timelines, restrictions, and exemptions. -Discussion of the Balancing Test and its proper use. -Proven techniques to quickly review, address, and process records requests. -Tips to avoid costly mistakes. -Dedicated Question and Answer Session. COURSE SUMMARY: This course is designed for Law Enforcement and will actively engage students with impactful topics of OPRA, Common Law, and Discovery. It will provide the tools to help students understand, comprehend, and execute proven techniques to promptly and properly address public records requests and limit exposure to costly violations or litigation.
  • 1-Day Course – 8 Hours Time: 0830-1600 Dates/Locations:
    • April 24, 2024 - Ocean County Police Academy 659 Ocean Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08707
    • May 22, 2024 - Willingboro Township Fire Training Center, 398 Charleston Road, Willingboro, NJ 08046
    Course Highlights:
    • Designed for Law Enforcement and Civilian Personnel
    • Highlighting the guidelines and best practices for evidence retention, identifying disposition dates, chain of custody documentation, evidence submission policies
    • Highlighting the responsibilities of the evidence custodian
    • Identify the need and liability relating to evidence audits and accountability.
    • Guidance on documenting the authorization for disposal and best practices of documenting the same.
    • Additional topics covered include facility requirements, digital evidence submission and storage, forfeiture process relating to items seized as evidence.
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    Date: May 8, 2024 0830-1600 Location: Ocean County Police Academy: 659 Ocean Ave Lakewood, NJ Course Highlights:
    • Designed for law enforcement officers to better help identify, assist, de-escalate and minimize the opportunity for use of force situations when dealing with individuals in crisis or who live with mental illness
    • This course will provide an overview of common mental illnesses our officers on mental health calls and their identifiers
    • We will examine and identify the civil and criminal liability areas we face
    • Discuss successful techniques that can be implemented by law enforcement to avoid conflict and decrease the chances of escalating the encounter.
    • Identify mental health and substance abuse community services available at the state and local levels in New Jersey that officers have at their disposal to assist those in crisis.
    • Discuss when a person in crisis poses an immediate and present danger to themselves
    • Examine the issues with owning/possessing firearms and filing for a TERPO.
    • Additional topics covered include interaction with the criminal justice system and the mental health care system, criminal complaints and jail diversion program options, transporting practices for those in crisis.
  • 8 Hour Course Date/Location:
    • November 1, 2024, Burlington Township Police Department, 851 Old York Road Burlington, NJ 08016
    Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm Course Highlights
    • An introduction into the leadership theories commonly used in Law Enforcement
    • Provide perspective into of the Law Enforcement Executives role in the agency
    • Identify and examine what a successful supervisor looks like early in their careers
    • Identify behaviors that will negatively impact your leadership ability later in your career
    • Identify the common indicators of a good leaders, and indicators of failing leaders
    • In-depth discussions related to self awareness, ineffective supervision
    Course Summary There is an overwhelming need to begin developing our future law enforcement leaders early on in their careers, long before they ever take a promotional exam. This course is designed to begin developing our future law enforcement leaders by providing them with the knowledge and the alternative perspective required to be a successful leader in the law enforcement profession.  We will be providing our students with an introduction to the common leadership theories used in the law enforcement profession and begin to examine what a successful supervisor looks like in the early stages of their career.  We will identify self sabotaging behaviors that officers engage in early on in their careers that will negatively impact their leadership potential later on.  We will also facilitate difficult discussions related to self-awareness and what ineffective supervision looks like in our profession.
  • 8 Hour Course Dates:
    • May 22 2024 8:30-4:00 Lower Township Police Department 450 Breakwater Drive Erma, NJ 08204
    Course Highlights: This course features psychiatrist Dr. Alex Soloway MD, a friend to the law enforcement community.  He will be offering expertise on the following issues we face in our career:
    • Stress and the negative effects on the body,
    • Coping skills for officers (breathing techniques, mindfulness, relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation etc..
    • Common Psychiatric Disorders that we face in our field and various treatment options available for officers etc…
    Additional Course Highlights
    • Examination of the key issues that derail officers careers off the job: Alcohol/Dependency issues, DV issues,  the “INFAMOUS FIVE” crimes that bring cops down, Social media issues etc
    • Examination of the key “on the job issues” that officers engage in that negatively impact their careers: Sexual Misconduct/Harassment issues, common IA issues that lead to termination and discipline, Brady/Giglio issues, Police information etc, and many more
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    8 Hour Class Course Highlights: We will provide a in-depth examination of the issues that tank officer’s careers early;
    • Social media issues in Law Enforcement On and Off Duty
    • Alcohol and dependency issues
    • Domestic issues
    • Personal Conduct on and off the job
    Provide understanding into some of the “on the job” issues that present themselves early on:
    • Organizational politics
    • In and Out Groups
    • Internal Affairs functions, and common issues for junior officers.
    COURSE SUMMARY: This course is a  must attend for all of our junior officers!!  We need to provide our future leaders with information about the quiet hazards in our profession that are often overlooked, rarely spoken about, and can quickly derail a cops career (Social Media Issues, Dependency Issues, Domestic Issues, etc..) This course examines these issues and brings them to light.  Identifying them early and hitting them head on is the only way to ensure they don’t have devastating consequences. INTENDED AUDIENCE: Officers 0-10 years experience  Course Date: TBD


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