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    8 Hour Seminar TBD If you are considering becoming a police officer, or are unsure and you want to get a better understanding of the profession, this seminar is for you!! Course Highlights:
    • Different Ways to becoming a police officer in NJ
    • Understanding Civil Service and the testing Process
    • Understanding Chief’s tests
    • Discussing Oral Interview Process
    • An overview of the new PTC physical testing process
    • An understanding of what to expect in the Police Academy
    • Discussing the firearms component
    • Setting up your background for success
    • Building up a strong work history
  • Facing an interview panel of police executives can be the most intimidating part of the police hiring process.  Oral board interviews provide you with the last opportunity to separate yourself from the other police applicants, and are often the deciding factor!  Preparation is always the key to success! The Premier Law Enforcement Training Group offers individual tutoring sessions for your interview preparation. Preparing with the Premier Law Enforcement Training Group will provide you with the edge you need. Our team has an extensive history of sitting on the “other side” of the aisle and administering these oral interviews.   We know what to look for, and know how to prepare you!  After preparing with us you will:
    • Enter the oral board interview with confidence
    • Understand what is expected from a qualified candidate
    • Be provided with the confidence to address any background issues you may have
    • Be provided with the skills to bring out all of your best characteristics
    • Separate yourself from other candidates
    Please click here to contact us via email with any questions.  We understand these interviews may pop up quickly, and we will always be able to get you prepared in time.  Do not go into an interview unprepared!!! Our team will provide you with three individual sessions.  You can come to us, we can come to you, or we can prepare virtually.  Whatever works for you works for us!!


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